Cover design: Dean Harkness. Photo: DFL. Typesetting/Printing: Andrew Hook

The Cern Zoo Page:

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STOP PRESS (12 June 2010): CERN ZOO in the final nominations for the BFS Award for best anthology.


CERN ZOO (June 2009)

24 original fictions telling of menageries, chalk giants, inky ghosts, collisions, devourings….Where our world will go when it needs helping to die.

Dead Speak – Jacqueline Seewald

Parker – Lesley Corina

Artis Eterne – Dominy Clements

The Last Mermaid – Brendan Connell

The Lion’s Den – Steve Duffy

Virtual Violence – Lyn Michaud

The Rude Man’s Menagerie – Daniel Ausema

Window To The Soul – Amy Kinmond

Salmon Widow – Tim Nickels

Pebbles – Tony Lovell

The Shadow’s Departure – Travis K. Weltman

Being Of Sound Mind – Roy Gray

Dear Doctor – Rod Hamon

Mellie’s Zoo – A. C. Wise

Turn The Crank – Lee Hughes

The Devourer of Dreams – Stephen Bacon

Just Another Day Down On The Farm – Robert Neilson

Strange Scenes From An Unfinished Film – Gary McMahon

Lion Friend – Rosalind Barden

The Ozymandias Site – A. J. Kirby

Cerne’s Zoo – Bob Lock

Sloth & Forgiveness – Geoff Lowe

City of Fashion – Mick Finlay

Fragment Of Life – Gary Fry


5 April 2009: Contracts were issued for 24 stories. Blogs already (a few hours later) marking this prospect:

6 April 09: More author blogs:

8 April 09: Another author blog:

12 April 09: All 24 proofs have now been agreed by authors. Polar Bear mauls woman at Zoo:

30 April 2009: NEMONYMAL: Tim Nickels (Zencore and forthcoming Cern Zoo author):

5 May 2009: HERE is the ‘Cern Zoo’ cover!! Book has gone to the Printer! :)

21 May 09: Another author blog:

12 June 09: BOOK PUBLISHED. Contributors’ Copies Posted.

14 June 09: Press Release on SFF Chronicles:

15 June 09: and Charles Tan News:

16 June 09: There is a mystery embodied in this blog ( that is mysterious to the Cern Zoo editor/publisher, too! === Plus the very first comment by a paying reader:

19 June 09: Significant event in the history of Nemonymity: A case of Nemonymitation?— Author blog:

20 June 09: Lee Hughes (Cern Zoo author): with more news on ANONthology. And:

3 July 09: Anonymous Fame:

6 July 09: I have it on good authority that this very zoo is the model for that in ‘The Lion’s Den’:

2 July 09: First Review: Zoo is a banquet. A cornucopia of flavour and texture, of many courses and layers. Just beware of the cockroaches lurking in the salad.”

27 July 09: Charles Tan’s review: ”…the sheer number of stories, formats, and genres does emulate a form of literary zoo…”

9 August 09: A review by ‘the Author of Salmon Widow’:

30 August 09: A review by SF Crowsnest:

27 September 09: A review from Steven Pirie: ”…provides excellent value for money at 265 pages with 24 short stories.”

27 September 09: A review from David Hebblethwaite: ”The stories in Cern Zoo are a nicely eclectic bunch; this is true not only of their subject matter, but also of their relationships to the anthology’s title.”

29 September 09: A review from ‘Fright’: ”…its contents are every bit as varied and unexpected as you might expect.”

14 October 09: I am pleased to report that what I consider to be a very good review of CERN ZOO has appeared in the latest ‘Black Static’ (i.e. issue 13) – a print magazine advertised here:

16 October 09: The Cern Zoo book post-predicted the Collider’s sabotage of itself from the future

2 November 09: A review of ‘Cern Zoo’ by Nick Jackson

5 November 09: ‘Cern Zoo’ retrocaused itself?

5 November 09: A review by the Short Review:

7 November 09: A bird from the Cern Zoo attacks LHC with bread:

14 November 09: DFL’s own New Fanblade Fables linked from here:

23 November 09: CERN starts historic collisions:

25 November 09: Berne’s Zoo, Bern park, Switzerland: Bear mauls man: – also see the earlier incident at Berlin Zoo. Photo like Cern Zoo cover. See ‘The Lion’s Den’ in Cern Zoo.

9 December 09: Tigers maul trainer in Hamburg Zoo:

10 December 09: Now the Large Hadron Collider is picking up speed day after day, it is reflected in the sky above Norway. Many others hold this theory. Possibly significant that the cover photograph of CERN ZOO was taken by me in Norway last year.

11 December 09: A disturbing photograph but I can easily imagine this being a denizen of some of the Zoos in ‘Cern Zoo’ stories:

21 January 2010: The Lion’s Den fom Cern Zoo chosen for prestigious ‘Best of Year’s Horror’ book. Other ‘Cern Zoo’ writers are simultaneously released from their secrecy (if they so wish) prior to my official listing on 12 March 2010. I intend to show such denemonisations below.

21 January 2010: TURN THE CRANK

22 January 2010: BEING OF SOUND MIND

22 January 2010: THE OZYMANDIAS SITE


25 January 2010: CERNE’S ZOO


26 January 2010: PEBBLES

28 January 2010: MELLIE’S ZOO

30 January 2010: ‘The Virtual Revolution’ on BBC2 tonight says World Wide Web was invented in CERN. Seems therefore a good name for the Internet: CERN Zoo?

25 February 2010: Sad case of Tilly the Whale:

1 March 2010: FRAGMENT OF LIFE



11 March 2010: SALMON WIDOW

23 March 2010: Steve Duffy’s story ‘The Lion’s Den’ has been published in Ellen Datlow’s ‘Best Horror Of The Year’ book for 2009, and I have now been told that Lee Hughes’ “Turn The Crank” has an Honourable Mention in that book, and ’Cern Zoo’ as a whole receives favourable mention in the Summation section in the front of the book. In the said Summation, Dominy Clements, Tim Nickels, Lee Hughes and Steve Duffy receive a mention.

2 April 2010: Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he’s from the future:

19 May 2010: “Strange Scenes From An Unfinished Film” by Gary McMahon has been chosen for “The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror” (due out in October from Prime; editor Paula Guran).



This year’s `Guess The Author’ – and win immortality. Now with a retro-causal DIMENSION. (Edit: Nov 09)

Zencore = Cone Zero = Cern(e) Zoo

Brief reference to “A Vist To Cern Zoo” (a talk by S. Wimpenny, 4 Feb 1995):

Uncovering the Particle Zoo: Cern Zoo: The main specialty of theoretical physicists at CERN is trying to understand “elementary particles”, which are the fundamental constituents of the Universe and the agents of the basic forces of Nature, like gravity. As it turns out, our ever-advancing knowledge of these “elementary” little things is also the basis of our understanding of the Universe as a whole! If you made a short visit to CERN’s Theory Division you might think that you are in a zoo. But that is not *entirely* right. True enough, you will find women and men of dozens of nationalities, cultures, languages and what not… some of them may even look like ET. But what these people are doing is what defines our species in its ensemble: asking, and sometimes answering, some of the deepest questions. Thus the zoo is more like a circus of magicians, in which the performers – uncharacteristically – would insist in showing you their cards… and the entrance is free!

How The Techies Tamed The Cyber Zoo:

Particle Zoo Plush Toys:

GalaxyZoo Forum: The Cern Rap:



comments (5)

1. Weirdmonger left…

Friday, 24 April 2009 8:50 am

**The Table of Contents**:

Zoocern Zoocern (intro by DFL)

Dead Speak


Artis Eterne

The Last Mermaid

The Lion’s Den

Virtual Violence

The Rude Man’s Menagerie

Window To The Soul

Salmon Widow


The Shadow’s Departure

Being Of Sound Mind

Dear Doctor

Mellie’s Zoo

Turn The Crank

The Devourer of Dreams

Just Another Day Down On The Farm

Strange Scenes From An Unfinished Film

Lion Friend

The Ozymandias Site

Cerne’s Zoo

Sloth & Forgiveness

City of Fashion

Fragment Of Life

Cone Zero (2008) – Authors Assigned To Their Stories
2. Weirdmonger left…

Tuesday, 16 June 2009 10:19 am

People in UK need to go to a Swiss Clinic in order to end their life in an assisted way. Even so, it is still legally dubious whether anyone who travels there with you is then liable for offences when returning to the UK. I was wondering, when our own world is ready to die (and some believe this is overdue), perhaps it will need to visit the CERN Hadron Collider that is also in Switzerland!

And is it relevant that Switzerland was neutral in various wars?
3. Weirdmonger left…

Friday, 24 July 2009 8:43 pm

S.D. Tullis (who I think has had more stories in Nemonymous over the years than most others) has agreed to let me quote this excerpt from an email he just sent me about the CERN ZOO book:

“Just finished CERN ZOO and I have to say I was blown hither and thither and eventually asunder by the many fascinating interpretations of that initial inscrutable (for me anyway) theme. Standouts had to be Artis Eterne, The Rude Man’s Menagerie, Salmon Widow, and Fragment Of Life (the latter falling just shy of perfection but for the author’s perhaps over-eagerness that the reader not miss the connection between the strange goings-on next door and Tim’s otherwise compelling descent into metaphysical madness).”
4. Rick Harrington left…

Saturday, 14 November 2009 1:37 pm ::

Greetings fellow humans. I think one of you found me searching for Hadron Collider commentary. I think I have a much more sunny take than you all, but I’ll keep reading to find out. The end of science might just be the beginning of adult humanity. We’ll see. (I like science fine, it’s just that they don’t often stand back, these scientists, to breath often enough)
5. Weirdmonger left…

Wednesday, 30 June 2010 2:11 pm ::

A retrocausally significant connection with the next volume of ‘Nemonymous’ (NULL IMMORTALIS) at link immediately above.


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A Review of CERN ZOO from Black Static in 2009

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3 June 2015 – CERN Zoo is about to open its cages at last


Large Hadron Collider

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Another Lion in Clacton Area?


Some mentioned on Facebook that the photo above looks as if it was taken in Africa and they could imagine a leopard on one of the branches. Someone referred to CERN Zoo…
I assured them that it was taken today near where I live in Holland-on-Sea, Essex. But I do see the vague shape of a lion and its mane to the left of the tree and I wonder if this is one of the lions in Steve Duffy’s famous CERN Zoo story, ‘The Lion’s Den’…?
And, of course, embedded in the trunk of the tree in the previous photo to that one is an elephant…. (all photos are shown HERE in the actual post and in its subsequent ‘comments’)!


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Death by Lion in California

Very sad event yesterday, of course, but why did she enter the lion’s enclosure?
Cf The Lion’s Den by Steve Duffy

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