Reality TV: Big Bro

From HERE (5 Jul 12):

Marion wrote: “Is the world ready for yet another fauxmance?”
Or grosmance (pronounced growmance) where a fauxmance becomes real and/or gross with mass or dark matter — or grows or morphs into something other than faux, if only in the self-deceived minds of the participants of whatever ‘mance’ it is.
Becky in trousers; I had to laugh at Big Brother saying he couldn’t see her legs as they were in army camouflage trousers.
There is a lot of physical and mental gurning going on: even the furniture going green and blue with its own camouflage of ‘genius loci’. (Sorry I mispelt gurning as gyrning yesterday: it was almost as if the word itself had started gurning: a vexed texture of text).
The world may have discovered the Higgs boson (or at least its lookalike) and Reality itself (as an extrapolation of Reality TV) has effectively started its gurning process: almost the opening of a Pandora’s Box by the discovery of the ‘God particle’; the next step will be Avian Flu passing human to human, I fear.
The Big Brother House: the ultimate CERN Zoo.
Meanwhile, I pray (not too strong a word) that Conor is gurnt off on Friday, the scorched earth of his designer stubble on his extended chin and all.
(From Wikipedia: “A typical gurn might involve projecting the lower jaw as far forward and up as possible, and covering the upper lip with the lower lip, though there are other possibilities.”)


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