The Devourer of Dreams

PEEL BACK THE SKY – a collection of Stephen Bacon stories

Real-Time Review continued from HERE

PEEL BACK THE SKY by Stephen Bacon (trade paperback edition)

Gray Friar Press 2012


The Devourer of Dreams

“I watched for the painter at breakfast the next morning. […] The travelling salesman chewed his breakfast the next morning. […] …failed to attend breakfast that morning in the winter of 1947.”

I have commentated on this story before: quoted from here: <<“…the balance between madness and sanity tipping many times before I wrestled it straight.” – I really think this story is even more horrific than its own author may realise and even beyond the scope of its own words. It mentions an Isle of Cern at the beginning (matching the island in the previous story) but search how you might it is only linked in some obscure corner elsewhere in the raw text to a zoo – whence the text’s huge spider-like creature (that both milks others and is milked itself for dreams) derives. This story itself makes you think you are its imaginative creator by dint of reading about that creature for yourself. It’s a sort of story that milks the reader to feed itself. I cannot emphasise that enough. It’s circular like the Collider and your head starts spinning at the implications. Not only a shadow from the future disguised as the past but a shadow of itself made double by being you as well as itself. (19 Oct 09 – another 3 hours later)>> —- Although a possible new light is shed on this story by ‘The Strangled Garden’, the above review, for me, still says it all, except I now imagine this very book in your hand — with the ‘all night sleeper that never serves breakfast’ on its front cover fitting this story’s historical era — has supped and suckled too long upon its own pages, and readers should receive another ‘caveat’ from me, a more vital one…but the nature of real-time being what it is it’s now possibly too late. (13 Sep 12 – 3.35 pm bst)



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