The St Osyth Lion

27 Aug 12

Lion on loose in Clacton area (where the Cern Zoo editor lives):


Cf Steve Duffy’s story THE LION’s DEN in CERN ZOO and later THE





5 responses to “The St Osyth Lion

  1. Judging by today’s Breakfast TV, the fuss about the Clacton Lion goes on! Over the years I have been discussing the escape of lions and bears etc. as a theme of CERN ZOO. I could not then possibly imagine there would emerge a ‘real’ mythical Clacton Lion on all the world’s media!!! (Clacton where I live).

  2. Posted on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 – 04:00 pm:   
    I must say that looks more like a stuffed toy to me. There was another one recently where a toy tiger on a roof sparked a bit of a panic, wasn’t there?

    Yes, Caroline, it’s linked above on this very page:

    Also just realised that St Osyth is mentioned in THE LAST BALCONY (in the story ‘Benchmark for Ghosts’ written many years ago).

    Above from here:

  3. into14

    Some mentioned on Facebook that the photo above looks as if it was taken in Africa and they could imagine a leopard on one of the branches. Someone referred to CERN Zoo…
    I assured them that it was taken today near where I live in Holland-on-Sea, Essex. But I do see the vague shape of a lion and its mane to the left of the tree and I wonder if this is one of the lions in Steve Duffy’s famous CERN Zoo story, ‘The Lion’s Den’…?
    And, of course, embedded in the trunk of the tree in the previous photo to that one is an elephant…. (all photos are shown HERE in the actual post and in its subsequent ‘comments’

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