Lion’s Den Syndrome

Cerne Photobucket
Strange spiral: Residents in northern Norway were left stunned after the lightshow, which almost looked computer-generated, appeared in the skies above them
The CERN ZOO book (June 2009) originally based as an anagram of its prequel books CONE ZERO and ZENCORE, with ‘Cern Zoo’ *subsequently* found to be real terminology from 1995:

The book contains stories about the Cerne Abbas Chalk Giant and the Large Hadron Collider and Zoos.

My comments on the stories from a real-time review on 17 October 2009 that take on a retro-causal significance in the light of links below.


Links above that are astonishing connections that the book makes between the Large Hadron Collider and events in the world.
Watch upsurge of retro-causal TV: FlashForward, Paradox, Waters of Mars, Lost…

And read the stories of ‘Cern Zoo’ that fit somehow with the default of these possible new realities.

Well, it’s good to dream. 🙂


The importance is not in the cause of events but in that they happened at all to make a perceptible pattern of connections.



posted Friday, 18 December 2009

The importance is not in the cause of events but in that they happened at all to make a perceptible pattern of connections.

Latest episode of ‘Have I got News For You’ tonight here:
has image as penultimate photo right at the end that is very similiar to the ‘Berne Zoo’ bear incident and cover of’Cern Zoo’.

It is the top image here:






The photograph for the Cern Zoo cover above was taken by me last year in Norway.

Norway spiral last week above Tromsø:

CONE ZERO (prequel of CERN ZOO)

This article about the Norway Spiral Light:

informed me for the first time that the Spiral took place over Tromsø.

Other than continuing to show ***the synergy with ‘Cern Zoo’***, the photograph also makes me think of a hurricane or other storm-system when shown on a weather map.

Tromsø = has ‘storm’ in its name — and a (cone?) zero = ø

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1. Weirdmonger left…

Saturday, 19 December 2009 4:26 pm ::

Retro-causality of Cern’s Large Hadron Collider was proposed a month or two ago by two then respected scientists. My own take on the stories in CERN Zoo in retrospecitive light at link immediately above.

2. Weirdmonger left…

Sunday, 20 December 2009 10:43 am ::

Cone (Zero) over Russia at link immediately above.

Cone over Russia

posted Sunday, 20 December 2009

I note there was a cone (zero) in the sky over Russia on the same day as the Norway spiral:–Norway-light-spiral

Pyramid over Moscow

Shot taken from the last balcony?


Retrocausal Bear

Below a photo taken of me in Berlin (October 3, 2010) near the Brandenburg Gate.


Me photographed in Helsinki (14 October 2010):


7 responses to “Lion’s Den Syndrome

  1. Dear Lion’s Den author (Steve Duffy) from ‘CERN Zoo’,
    If today’s CERN findings turn out (incredibly!) to be correct about things being able to move faster than light, then I now fully understand why your story was situated around the turn of the Millennium…

  2. My commentary on ‘The Lion’s Den’ in October 2009:

    The Lion’s Den

    “They both saw the lions fall upon him, and then he was lost beneath their colliding bodies…”

    This could be the enduring Zoo story of all time (i.e. all Zoo and nothing but Zoo at length) – a substantial experience of supreme stylistic accomplishment by someone who surely must have worked in a Zoo for the whole of his or her life. As well as its sheer plot-driven power, there are moments of feral wonder and secret machinations well in tune with this whole book’s own onward drive. Much video time-shift … and a photographic angst which reminds me of the frantic day a year ago when I took the photograph that is now on the book’s cover because I had to run back a long distance with a borrowed camera to capture the image before my transport left without me. An image that is also in tune with this story in so many inscrutable ways.

    I have now discovered that a variation on the theme of THEORY is of this story’s essence, giving even more dimensions to it. The action takes place before and after the 1999-into-2000 New Year when the Millennium Bug was rampant, a phenomenon that reminds me of what we have been talking about in relation to the Hadron Collider. And this story’s new Memes meanwhile are perhaps quietly roosting like Hitchcock’s Birds, except they’re not just birds…

    Along the walls, the watching worm-lizards pressed greedily against the windows…” (17 Oct 09 – another 3 hours later)

  3. into14

    Some mentioned on Facebook that the photo above looks as if it was taken in Africa and they could imagine a leopard on one of the branches. Someone referred to CERN Zoo…
    I assured them that it was taken today near where I live in Holland-on-Sea, Essex. But I do see the vague shape of a lion and its mane to the left of the tree and I wonder if this is one of the lions in Steve Duffy’s famous CERN Zoo story, ‘The Lion’s Den’…?
    And, of course, embedded in the trunk of the tree in the previous photo to that one is an elephant…. (all photos are shown HERE in the actual post and in its subsequent ‘comments’

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